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    Why Mobile Matters – A Guide To How People React To Website Experience

    • By eastrockawaywebdesign
    • 15 Jun, 2017
    Mobile Website Design
    You cannot afford to ignore your website's mobility. It is the key driver to sales, and it will make or break your business for the foreseeable future. Invest in your mobile design, and your business will flourish.

    A good mobile-friendly website is the key to successful businesses. No matter what goods or services you offer, you still have to interact with customers or clients, and they will inevitably refer to your website.

    Google invested heavily in surveys and statistical analysis to see just how much of a role user experience design plays in businesses across all industries. They found that in almost every case, it is the single most important factor for driving revenue. The first things the research found are that 75 percent of all customers prefer mobile websites to anything else, and more than 96 percent have encountered mobile sites that they considered insufficiently designed for mobile access. Some more specific observations paint a better picture and can help you understand just how your mobile website is impacting business.

    Google Mobile Websites


    For quite a few years now, the bulk of online shopping has been done with mobile devices. Catering to this crowd is completely essential to maximizing business. New data only drives the point harder. Up to 74 percent of users are more likely to return to mobile friendly sites, and 67 percent claim they are more likely to spend money. As any web designer or online business manager can tell you, these are the two most important metrics for turning reliable profits. If your users aren’t spending money and coming back, then you won’t last in the hyper-competitive online environments.

    You can probably think of instances where this applies to your personally. Is there a place where you have tried to shop but the website couldn’t accommodate your needs? How did you respond? A quick browse through Twitter also confirms the obvious. The most common complaints for all major companies are limited access to goods or service, website reliability problems and slow responses. Mobile web design applies to all of those issues.


    Competition statistics fall perfectly in line with conversion metrics. More than 61 percent of survey respondents admit that they move away from an inadequate site quickly. When they do, 79 percent repeat their search and just pick the next most promising hit. This shows that poor user experience design doesn’t just cost you business; it grows your competition. When you combine that with retention statistics, it paints a grim picture. Additionally, 50 percent of users will avoid a website they don’t like even if it’s for a business they prefer. This clarifies the fact that your mobile web solutions are at least as important as all of the other components of your business combined. No matter your integrity or devotion to your customer base, if they don’t like your mobile web design, then you won’t hold up to the competition.


    This next group of statistics further builds on the other two. As a poor mobile site will reduce customer interaction and retention, it seems inevitable that it will hurt your reputation. A total of 48 percent of respondents answered that poor mobile web solutions leaves them feeling frustrated. Another 36 percent feel that they have wasted their time, and 52 percent admit that bad mobile sites make them less likely to engage with a business through any medium. This hurts foot traffic, social media engagement, survey responses and everything else you might use to gauge customer reactions. Additionally, 48 percent of users believe that a bad mobile experience demonstrates a company’s disinterest in its customers.


    The culmination of these numbers shows that the quality of your mobile site will impact interactions that might otherwise seem unrelated. If your customers are frustrated and convinced that you don’t care about them, it will reduce word-of-mouth advertising and referrals. This stacks multiplicatively with diminished digital marketing returns. When you put it all together, the quality of your mobile design can change your total revenue by as much as 80 percent. This holds true even for businesses that are not primarily web based.

    Mobile Is The Key To Winning Business

    If this seems like an overestimate, then think of it like this. A business that primarily relies on digital marketing will see anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of its traffic through mobile users. If half of them leave because they are unsatisfied, then you are facing a 25 to 45-percent loss of revenue. On the other side, good mobile design can boost retention and sales by 67 percent . That’s a total turnaround of 80 to 120 percent.

    Now consider a business that mostly operates in face-to-face transactions. Let’s say it’s a roofing company for an easy example. In general, these types of businesses receive 50 percent of their new customers as referrals. That means positive feedback generates as much business as all other marketing attempts combined. Since a website is seen as a mandatory component of a modern, reputable business, you can assume that a majority of referred customers will visit the website before contracting a service. Since a majority of these visits will be to the mobile site, it becomes clear that your mobile design has a significant impact even on personal referrals. Based on the raw statistics, you can gain or lose as much as 40 percent of your total business.

    You cannot afford to ignore your website’s mobility. It is the key driver to sales, and it will make or break your business for the foreseeable future. Invest in your mobile design, and your business will flourish. You don’t have to acquire the expertise personally. Partner with proven experts who have mastered the tools and technology to help you build the most mobile-friendly website possible.

    The right mobile solution for your business can be obtained from a mobile web solutions provider such as Peak Evolve from Long Island NY.
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    Peak Evolve Blog

    By Evan Pomeranz 23 Nov, 2017

    Long gone are the days when you could throw up any old website and know that traffic would just show up without any further effort.  

    That scenario would have worked well back in 1995, perhaps, when there was much less competition no matter your niche. Today’s website owners and online entrepreneurs are each in the fight of their life to gain attention and remain relevant in a sea of websites.  

    As you might guess, it’s no longer enough to just put up a website and hope traffic finds its way to your home page; that doesn’t happen in large enough numbers to matter anymore.  

    Unless you exert targeted effort backed up by the latest SEO as applied to website design and user experience, there’s not much point in having a website at all. We’ve identified the 8 Most Critical Errors Website Owners Make.

    By eastrockawaywebdesign 15 Jun, 2017
    You cannot afford to ignore your website's mobility. It is the key driver to sales, and it will make or break your business for the foreseeable future. Invest in your mobile design, and your business will flourish.
    By Evan Pomeranz 31 May, 2017

    Virtual office solutions are perfect for all business who don’t want to spend an awful lot of money for hiring employees & renting physical office space. However, it’s not going down well with Google.


    From now on, Google will not consider virtual office space as your service area businesses as per their updated Google My Business guidelines . Your virtual office must be staffed during the business hours. They have recently updated the Google my business guidelines and made it clear that the virtual offices are causing a lot of confusion and that’s why they are compelled to take this step.

    So unless a team is there to receive the customers during business hours, Google will not consider it as the Service-area businesses.


    Here’s the new section that has been added:


    Service-area businesses — businesses that serve customers at their locations — should have one page for the central office or location and designate a service area from that point. Service-area businesses can’t list a “virtual” office unless that office is staffed during business hours.


    Some businesses, like pizzerias that have both have restaurant seating and deliver pizza to customers, are hybrid service-area businesses. These businesses can show their storefront address and designate a service area in Google My Business. If you serve customers at your address and want to set a service area, your business location should be staffed by your team and able to receive customers during its stated hours.


    Google will determine how best to display your business address based on your business information as well as information from other sources. Learn more about service-area businesses.

    By Evan Pomeranz 31 May, 2017

    Be it the upcoming Mobile first index or the launch of features that are focused on mobile users, Google is encouraging the “Near Me” searches to the maximum. People who search for “Service+ near me” tend to make decisions faster as they are not only looking for the information but they are about to make a decision as well. For instance: When people search “Restaurants near me” it is most likely that they will go there and grab something to satisfy their hunger. This micro-moment can be your moment to rise & shine.



    The intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shape are defined as “Micro-Moments” by Google. When people are actively looking to learn something, buy something or watch something, their expectations are higher than ever & they are willing to make a decision in a fraction of the second.


    So in these moments, people expect from businesses to deliver exactly what they are looking for, instantly! For example, if someone is willing to watch a movie in next 1 hour, they will require information as soon as possible. And the site that will succeed in providing instant result will reap mammoth benefits.  


    Google has published a guidebook that sheds light on this new consumer behaviour and how brands can boost their sales by focusing on the shift to mobile & “near me” searches.


    By Evan Pomeranz 31 May, 2017

    The only thing constant in the world of SEO is change. To stay on the top, we need to follow the current trends and optimize our sites so we can reap maximum benefits. Unlike other things, SEO is not one size fits all, it should be bespoke, then only it will work.


    Here are the tips that you can follow to get on the top of the search results:


    1. Title Tag & Meta Description

    The most noticeable element on the search engine result page is Title Tag. Title tags are so basic that they often get ignored despite the fact that the first thing a user notices about your website is the title tag. Experts say that Title tags are the 2nd most vital on-page factor for SEO, after content. So here are some valuable tips to optimize your title tag:

    ·      Auto generated title tags are your enemy i.e. Wordpress could create your title tag, but sticking to it will cost you visitors. So first analyze that what could possibly be the best title tag that sums up your whole content in an appealing way.

    ·      Don’t try to stuff your titles with keywords, use a keyword which is also describing the title.

    ·      Keep your title tag in the front, it's helpful for both search engines and users.

    ·      Your title tag should guide the user, so make sure that you're making title tags for humans.

    ·      Also, the meta description gives you 160-200 characters to play with, so make sure you are making full use of it.

    ·      Be as creative and descriptive as possible. Consider it like your little ad space.


    2. Online Directories and Citations

    Local search is becoming more fruitful as compared to big scale search. Since you are a local small business owner, you know the specific requirements of the local audience and that's where you can beat your competitors. Nowadays, being the best bakery shop in California is much better than being an OK bakery shop on a national level.

    By Evan Pomeranz 31 May, 2017

    Instagram, has recently launched a new update which will allow its users to post several images and videos of a particular occasion in a single post. So, now you can share all your best pictures and videos of the occasion in a single post, like an album and make it memorable.

    The best thing about the update is that now you don’t have to spend time in selecting your best picture of the event to upload and share your happy moments with others. Now, you can combine up to 10 pictures and videos in one post and see them all one by one.


    With is new update you can share the pictures of the entire celebration step by step as per the flow of the event. You can even share pictures of your recipes or craft work you have done, with your friends and explore your talent amongst them.

    While uploading the post, you can see a new icon on the screen from where you can select several picture and videos. You can select the pictures as per your wish the way you want them to be lined up, you can also change the order, by tapping on the post and hold to edit it. Either, you can apply a filter to the entire post at once or edit it one by one. Your post will display on your profile with a single caption and a little icon of the first picture or video of your post.


    Like always Instagram has made your sharing experience wonderful and memorable, this new update will make your experience more pleasant.


    You can find this new update as a part of Instagram version 10.9 for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play.

    By Evan Pomeranz 31 May, 2017

    The converted clicks were the old metric that counted the number of clicks that lead to one or more conversions. From last 15 years, advertisers were using this metric to track the success of their ads.


    Google has decided to replace the “Converted clicks” with “conversion” metric as the later is more sophisticated and provide greater insight. The conversion metric has been developed to provide advertisers with accurate data so that they can plan things accordingly. Earlier the converted clicks showed very little data, but the conversion metric not only shows the direct purchases but also shows data about the indirect purchases. Below is the infographics that will help you understand it better!

    By Evan Pomeranz 31 May, 2017

    A recent research by Moz has revealed that the proximity is the new king of the local search.

    If you will search for a local business i.e dry cleaners using a mobile device in a small city, you are probably going see that all the dry cleaners are listed out on the map. However, in a bigger city, this whole scenario will change drastically. If you will search for a local business, you will only be able to see few options. For example, if you will search for “Restaurants”, you will only see 6-7 restaurants on the map. So how is Google determining which business to show? Is it about the number of links? mobile friendliness? positive reviews or a measurable presence in the local directories?

    A thorough research revealed that it is just about one thing: “Proximity”.  Only those businesses appear on the map that is closest to the searcher’s physical location.

    Our take on this research is that these results are not the best and it downgrades the quality of local results. Putting high emphasis on proximity is a poor way to show results. I don’t care if a plumber is close to me. I am looking to hire a plumber that’s reputable, prominent in my city, and does good work. The same applies for every business category I can think of.

    By eastrockawaywebdesign 17 May, 2017
    In the 21st century, websites are critical components to any successful business. Whether a business is based online or not, a properly constructed website can help to increase sales, exposure and boost a company’s growth… More
    By Evan Pomeranz 16 May, 2017

    Google has stepped up there management of business listings with Google My Business.  Companies used to be able to have multiple online listings without actual verifiable locations in these areas and receive inbound leads and prospects from these locations.  With the rise of artificial inteligence, Google has gotten smarter in recent years.  Not only are they monitoring business locations, but they are improving the ability to claim your listings and maintain a level playing field for all businesses.

    You can now reclaim your Google My Business (GMB) listing page which was verified by a third party. Google has recently launched an automated process which enables you to claim your GMB page without contacting the previous manager. It came as a great relief to those who were trying to reclaim their listing but were unable to get into contact with the person who was managing it before.

    The step by step process:



    1. Navigate to Google My Business.

    2. Sign in to Google with the account you use to manage your business.

    3. Enter the name or address of your business, then select it from the search results.

      You may see a dialog showing part of the email address that verified the listing. If you manage this email address, sign in to that account to access your business listing.

    4. Fill out the form. The current listing owner may need to contact you for more info, so you won’t be able to submit your request without sharing your contact details with them.

    5. Click Submit.

    6. The current listing owner will receive an email asking them to get in touch with you, and you’ll receive a confirmation email. Check on the status of your request by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

    7. Allow a full 7 days for the current listing owner to respond to your request. If you don’t hear back after 7 days, you'll be able to verify your affiliation with the business to gain access to the listing

    Claiming your business listing is important for local search engine optimization rankings and internet marketing as a whole.  If your business needs a solution for SEO, contact the experts at Peak Evolve Mobile Web Solutions.  We are a web design & digital marketing company from Long Island NY who can guide and work with you to market your content for best placement on all search engines and online inquiries.
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